What does Dhana Inc. represent?

Dhana Inc. is an eco apparel company that designs clothing for kids with global consciousnes. Created by artists who are inspired by the world around them — the apparel reflects a lifestyle brand of the social conscious, active, environmentally caring kid.

Could you comment on the material and dyes used for the clothing line?

We use 100% certified organic cotton and eco friendly dyes (which means no harmful carcinogens and chemicals). Dhana supports sustainable practices at every step of the supply chain.


Why is your factory located in India?

India is a great resource for organic cotton. To ensure legitimacy, we traveled to visit several factories that had obtained certification, fair trade practices and established quality and standards. It was also a way to give back to a community that is embarking on a green lifestyle.


What is Fairtrade

Fairtrade, led by Fairtrade America in the United States, is an independent, third party certification organization, which works in partnership with more than 1.5 million producers in developing countries. Our mission is to secure decent working conditions, fair prices, and better terms of trade. In this way, producers are empowered to improve their social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Fairtrade requires that companies pay fair prices. We also work hard to level out the inequalities of global trade as we know it, which traditionally discriminates against the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.

Through Fairtrade, farmers and workers take control and build sustainable futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.