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The store is the best starting point to explore and experience a circular fashion product. You can dig into off the shelf for ready to wear Premade collection from dhana.

Off the shelf

You like to keep it simple. So we have just 2 categories to pick from.


Signature CMJ

Designed for zero-waste, our Circular Memory Jacket is a lifetime piece built for performance and functionality. Great for traveling, outdoor adventures


Iconic CFT

Make a statement and some with the Iconic Circular Fashion Tee. It’s a T-shirt with an assortment of other T-shirt’s making a layered statement.


Material library

Pick from a selection of surplus material from dhana’s own collection and other partners like QueenofRaw. These materials can be used when you custom build your CFT or CMJ.


The studio is at the heart of the fashion recreated enabling you to build your own circular memory garment. You can upload your own memory T-shirt’s or pick from our material collection and let your creativity come to play.


Trial room

The Virtual trial room is where you can set up your avatar and try out the garments you create at the studio.



This is the central area where you can find all your fashion stories in the making and completed one’s too.



Upload images of your old T-shirts (we will guide you on the right way to shoot your pics) and keep them ready for your memory projects.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

The core of the studio, the drag & drop section allows you to accurately crop and place your memory t-shirts in your new creation and helps you visualise the end product.


The stories is the best starting point to explore and experience the community platform of D/Sphere. You can also share fashion stories in video/images that pertain to circular fashion.


Fashion story

Each creation in D/Sphere can be shared with the community as a post. You can also share fashion stories in video/images that pertain to circular fashion.



The D/Sphere community is formed with like-minded people like you who sense the need to create conversations to positively impact climate change.



As part of our commitment to honor memories and align with human values by sharing gratitude with your fellow members.



Each fashion story you create and place an order at the studio gets an impact score that is showcased as your unique footprint here available for the community to be shared.