Dhana Inc.
is a Fashion Technology Company

Transforming brand-customer experience by leveraging digital tools for the advancement of creative design collaboration, conscious fashion, and solutions to climate change.

Started in 2008 as a sustainable, ethical, award-winning fashion brand for infants and youth, Dhana Inc., a ten-year-old Certified B Corp, evolved into a world class fashion company harnessing extensive understanding and complexities in the fashion and apparel industry; firsthand experience in design creation and supply chain management; with proven development of deep tech and artificial intelligence products and platforms.


Dhana Inc. singular vision of

Uniting Humanity Through Fashion


Empowering Consumers to Connect with People and Planet through the Medium of Fashion

Dhana's 5 Defining Values

Every idea, design and action reflect our Five Defining Values Ingrained in the Spirit of Our Culture and Brand:

Commitment to honor all the people along the way behind our clothes

Celebrate the natural resources and environment that enable our designs, styles and collection

Communicate how we do business through transparency and accountability

Compassion for all life on earth and in being a force for good

Conscious behavior to ensure that our actions have a positive impact on people and planet

Circularity Embodies Sustainability

The Dhana Circularity Pledge

Dhana invites customers beyond organics and sustainability and into the
Circular Economy with the Dhana Circularity Pledge and the 5 R's.


Your carbon footprint. Tell your story as you relive your clothing and your memories.


Your vintage and pre-loved pieces, integrate them into collections with Dhana D/Sphere platform


Your limited circular fashion collection if it needs a fix


Your clothing. When you’ve exhausted its life, mail it to us. We will recycle it, closing the loop and creating new fiber with fashion technology.


Remember the unique life force that you are; the moments that bring you joy; and the many ways your action can have a positive impact on people and planet.



Dhana Inc. establishedSourcing ethical, sustainable fiber and factories

Tween Collection at ENK Trade show in NY Only youth sustainable brand at LA Fashion Week



Secured global supply chains Established wholesale distribution Source Award Winner


True Cost Movie with Shamini Dhana, Associate ProducerFast fashion awareness campaign

Dhana Organic Baby Green America Gold Certification Top 10 Green America Award Fairtrade Certified



First B Corp Certification (100 pts.) NY Green Festival eCommerce (196 Sku's)


Organic Teen Denim, Tops and Shirts Private Labeling LaunchedSecond B Corp Certification (151.9 pts)Best For The World 2016

Signatory to Circular Fashion Commitment 2020Best For the world 2017



Announced CFC 2020Best for the World 2018Launched #WearOurValues campaign


May 2021 – Private Beta Launch of D/Sphere

Nov 2021 – Mobile Launch of D/Sphere

Launch of Circular Fashion CollectionR&D + Engineering in India – Design and Build Dhana Fashion Tech Platform Alpha launch of D/Sphere in Dec



  • Dhana launched the WearOurValues.com report at the Global Fashion Agenda Copenhagen Fashion Summit
  • CO Leadership Award for Sustainable Fashion
  • Best For The World 2019
  • Establish US Production Operations in Columbus, OH
  • Announces Pioneer Member with Worn Again Technologies
  • Launch of the Circular Memory Jacket


Public Beta Launch of D/Sphere

B2B Beta D/Sphere launch + Conscious Fashion Consortium (CFC)



Meet the team

An eccentric group of individuals, who genuinely believe they can bring fashion into the 21st century.

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