Dhana Inc is the brand that
believes in always paying it forward.


Shamini Dhana
Founder and CEO, Dhana Inc.

For the past 28 years, Shamini has been at the forefront in paving new markets, ventures, investments in consulting, government, banking, finance and fashion industry. As a global citizen, Shamini is committed to advancing human networks, environmental solutions, business impact via ethical and sustainable fashion. Shamini is passionate about celebrating our link to the natural ecosystems and paying it forward to value people and planet every step of the way.


Dr G Subrahmanya VRK Rao
Chief Technology Officer

Dr Rao has 26 years of work experience which include Government, Industry, Academia and Research careers with 7 US patents, 85 Refereed International Research Publications and an active (White Hat) Ethical Hacker.


Denise Falter-Conklin
Head of Production

A fashion industry veteran with 19 years of experience in technical design, product development, sourcing, brand management and production.


Simone Kopitzki

Simone has 22 years of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and budgeting supporting non-profits, high-net-worth individuals, partnerships, trusts, small businesses, and C Corporations.


Faith Legendre
Global Innovation and Partnership Director

Faith is a strategist and has 15+ years of experience with 200+ organizations worldwide via innovative and pioneering business approaches including Circular Economy prototypes within Consumer-Packaged Goods, Fashion, and other industries.


Sheldyn Nicholson

Sheldyn Nicholson is a fashion designer at Dhana Inc. Focusing on sustainability, she creates low impact garments built for circularity. She has a BFA in fashion design from the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio.


Olive Fuinardy
Designer Alum

Olive is a designer to Dhana’s Circular Fashion Collection and contributed to product ecommerce operations.

Engineering Team


Senthil Kumaran Srinivasan
Head of Engineering

Senthil heads the engineering team at Dhana Inc. Responsible for architecting and designing algorithms for core problems D/Sphere is solving. He has a MS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas


Yagnaraman Krishnan
Experience design

Yagna oversees the product design and human factors for the D/Sphere platform. A passionate user advocate helping users do without doing.


Annie Savera
Project Delivery Head

Annie has an overall experience of 14 years in IT industry, With her strong leadership skills, she inspires, motivates and drives the team towards qualitative on-time project delivery. She has managed many projects and keeps process structure and business tight and together


Yogeswaaran Panneerselvam
Senior Software Engineer

Yogeswaaran is a dedicated and efficient full-stack developer. Expertise in problem-solving and end-to-end requirement mapping.


Aravind Aruldhas
Senior Software Engineer

Aravind as an experienced developer on the engineering team, specialises in full stack development across a wide variety of platforms and using a range of differing technologies.


Anandha Manikandan
Project Manager

Anandha Manikandan is a project manager of the engineering team. Anand has strong project mangement skills with good team bonding and high adaptability skills. He drives the team towards the success of the projects.

Production Team


Melanie S
Product Development & Production Associate


Alyssa H
Production Assistant


Mindy S
Product Development & Design Manager


David W
Production & Design Associate


Anna K
Industrial Seamstress


Barbara R
Industrial Seamstress

Advisory Board


Somshankar Das
President and Co-Founder,
Business Accelerator Inc


Ayesha Mathews
Head of Brand, Creative & Experience


Nathan Walworth, PhD
Climate Microbiome Scientist
Faculty of Regenerative Design, Futurist, Social Entrepreneur


Jim Kuster
Managing Partner,
GravitasAmericas LLC


Tamsin Lejeune
CEO of CO Common Objective,
Founder of Ethical Fashion Forum