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The out of the box solution

D/Sphere accelerates the new era of conscious fashion fueled by the co-creation between brands their ability to empower customers to be part of the design process while driving value to garment workers and positively impacting climate change.

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Platform Overview

Collaborative Digital Tools Fashion Brands Value towards
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of Fashion

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Customer and
Stakeholder Engagement

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ESG Reporting on the reduction of
waste, water, energy, pollution

We’re building the

World’s first


Fashion Consortium

Join us

We welcome the next generation of conscious fashion pioneers who are open to new ways of collaborating, committed to implementing

JEDI Culture

(Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) and celebrate the creative design expression of customers through the medium of fashion.

About Dhana

Fast & Wasteful
to Circular and Regenerative

Dhana Inc. believes that the next era of fashion is one based on collaboration, customer engagement and collectively bridging the divide in the creative design process.

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